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Nick Christensen

I’ve lived in Utah County my whole life and have been in the mortgage industry since 2000. I was hoping to save the industry from Y2k, but unfortunately nothing happened. A year earlier I started as a real estate agent helping borrowers out of foreclosure. We’d complete work out packages and figure debt to income ratios, loan to values, comparable searches, and I realized how much I liked working with numbers. I also liked helping people and was recruited and offered a job as a loan officer. I soon realized I was better at operations than at sales and within 6 months I was processing. I’ve worked in most areas of the mortgage industry from underwriting, processing, operations management, but feel most at home with First Colony.

In my free time I love anything outdoors. Whether it be fishing, hiking, camping, yard work, or building a pirate ship for my son. I know….I can’t believe I said yard work, I hope my wife doesn’t read this! I’d do just about anything to be outside after being in an office all week. I have 2 kids and my favorite pastime is taking them fishing.

I don’t know whether I chose this industry or if it chose me. I like the complex scenarios and helping customers realize the American dream. I look forward to what the future holds and reaching my full potential with such a great company!