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Blake Bench

My name is Blake Bench. I’m a family man alongside my wife and 5 kids. No dogs or cats, but we do have 6 chickens! I love the outdoors. When time permits, I constantly think about the next time I’ll be fly fishing. There is no better feeling than watching your strike indicator dip underneath the water, or seeing a trout slurp up your dry fly and then setting the hook and feeling the tug from the other end.

I always seem to be working on little DIY projects throughout the house. Building shelves, modifying furniture, you name it. I love to cook, and my most recent culinary accolade is from my children saying that my pancakes and waffles are the best on the planet.

I have had the privilege of working for First Colony Mortgage for almost 7 years now and I am excited to meet you and help guide you through the loan process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Blake has been the best person to work with!!! His team and everyone we worked with at First Colony was AMAZING!

-Janice Opunui 2017

Very great service! Blake contacted me and offered a great refinance option that ended up saving me and my family hundreds of dollars with nothing out of pocket!

-Denim Lyman